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Europe’s strongest exporters in absolute termscontinue to be its biggest, most developed nations: Germany,France, the UK and Italy. The goods and servicesexported by the big four are measured in hundreds of billions of euros. On aper capita basis, however, the picture is completely different. The EU's topexporters in relative terms are the Benelux countries, Ireland, Austria,the Scandinavian countries, Germany– and Slovenia,the top exporter among the new EU nations. This small Central European nationof six million thus beats some of the biggest European players and leavesbehind all the other emerging economies of New Europe: the Czech Republic, Poland– even Estonia,lately much praised by the international press.


The value of Slovenia'sexport per inhabitant reached 10,910 euros last year – that's twice as much asthe UK's exports of 5,250euros per capita and four times that of Poland’s 2,590 euros per capita. Inrelative terms Slovenia isonly slightly behind the per capita value of Germany,the world’s leading exporting nation according to this metric (Germany has11,760 euros of exports per capita). And Slovenian exports continue to grow,with their total value increasing by 18.5 percent in 2007. The average growthof the 27 EU members was three times lower at 6.1 percent.


How come Slovenia is performing so well onthe global market – at least in relative terms – if its absolute figures remainsmall? First, the country has a long exporting tradition – even in SocialistYugoslavia Slovenian companies were the main exporters from the former Yugoslavfederation to Western Europe. Secondly, anumber of the nation's top companies made highly successful restructuringefforts during the economic transition of the 1990’s – and these changesallowed them to strengthen their market position. Third, a number of new,dynamic, mid-size companies have emerged during the last two decades.


Slovenian products withthe highest values of exports




  1. Renault Twingo (new) and Clio II cars
  2. Home appliances by Gorenje 3.
  3. and 4. Pharmaceutical products, mostly generic drugs

by Krka and Lek

  1. Steel - SIJ
  2. and 7.: Aluminum by Talum and Impol
  1. Adria Mobil motorhomes and caravans
  2. Goodyear's tires
  3. Helios paints
  4. Kolektor commutators
  5. Car seats, covers and car parts by Prevent Global
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