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Software, Made in Slovenia

Two extremely successful local examples come from the entertainment industry. WebTech has produced a globally known multimedia BS Player, which currently boasts more than 60,000 users worldwide. Another outfit, ZootFly, exports almost 100 percent of its computer games to the demanding and competitive computer games market. This very serious market earns 100 billion dollars annually, and is currently experiencing a 20 percent annual growth. Zootfly rose phoenix-like from the ashes of another legendary Slovene gaming company, Arxel Tribe, and developed its own game engine capable of creating a sophisticated simulation of the world. This proprietary software gives the company the necessary independency and stability in a rather complex and turbulent market in which 20 millions euros for the development, marketing and distribution of a single game is not unusual. Its own technology also enables the company to successfully extend their activities to other fields, thus dispersing the higher risk of the gaming business. One of them is producing simulations for use by the military and law enforcement. These are marketed under the brand name Guardiaris.

Slovene firms have also proved to be quite successful in small niche markets. Examples include the sailplane software market, where two Slovene companies, Naviter and FlyWithCE, are leading the way internationally. According to Andrej Kolar of Naviter, this market is so small and somehow closed that word-of-mouth marketing has proved to work best in their case. Uroš Podlogar from FlyWithCE agrees: “Our customers usually buy our product on the recommendation of their friends and count on their support in the implementation of it too. Apart from the product itself, the quality support they can get from me is the strongest competitive advantage I’m developing. I’ve tried to increase our sales through advertising in some specialised magazines, yet I’ve found that internet communications still prove the most effective. And at the end of the day it’s also worth-while to have your own representatives in certain countries, as is the case with FlyWithCE in America.”

Dewesoft produces a powerful data acquisition, processing, analyzing and storage software, developed software which NASA is using on various measurement devices. This small company of 12 employees has been growing dynamically. Last year they finished with 1.4 million euros of income; among their others partners are  such established names as Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Bosch, Siemens, Philips and others. More then 100 customers in the measurement market gives them the status of one of the top producers of such software.


Author: Polona Pibernik
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