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Maribor's New Energy

In formerYugoslavia Maribor was synonymous with heavy industrialization, in early yearsof independence with bankruptcy and economic collapse. Yet Maribor has retained its charm and is gettingmore and more interesting for tourists

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How well are the largest companies in Slovenia - SBR's TOP 500 coping with the recession?
Europe Should Sound Like Palestrina
Acclaimed Slovenian violin virtuoso Miha Pogačnik has created a unique method intended to foster creative thinking in leading global corporations. now he's trying to help Europe sing from the same songbook - or at least forge a harmonious new cultural identity
Slovenia and Jordan

Trade between Slovenia and Jordan is practically nonexistent. Recently stepped-up diplomatic and political activities indicates that this may soon change, however. In 2008 the King ofJordan, Abdullah II. ibn Al Hussein, visited Slovenia,and Slovenian president Danilo Türk visited Jordan this Spring. And in early summer a strong Jordanian business delegation led by Prime Minister Nadel Al-Dahabi came to Slovenia. We spoke briefly about the potential outcome of these visits to Maen Nsour, the CEO of the Jordan Investment Board.

Lots of Forrest, but Little Gain
Slovenian wood processing industry: while heavily forrested Slovenia should be a paradise for carpenters and furniture makers, in fact the industry is lagging behind. With few notable exceptions.
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